november, 2018

26novalldayRule of Law and Conflict Resolution

Event Details

Dr Ali bin Fetais Al Marri, President of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center, hosted Senator George Mitchell at the Middle Temple, London in November 2018.
Senator George Mitchell, who brokered the peace agreement between British and Irish governments, commonly known as the “Good Friday Agreement”, delivered a speech titled “the Rule of Law and Conflict Resolution in the Middle Temple”.
The evening attracted a diverse audience from all walks of the UK, from school students, to university graduates, from lecturers to professional mediators, lawyers and Judges.
Dr Ali was joined by Lord Justice Burnett (the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales), Robert Buckland QC (the Solicitor General of England and Wales), and within the audience there were several the judges from the English High Court and members of UK Parliament.
The evening was moderated by Mr Justice Knowles CBE (Judge of the High Court of England and Wales).
It is of note, that this night was a remarkable night, where Senator Mitchell reminded us, that peace is possible.
“I know there can be peace. I saw it happen in the past. If it happened there it can happen elsewhere” Senator George Mitchell, Middle Temple, November 2018,


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