april, 2013

02apralldaySpecial Session One of the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery

Event Details

Objectives of Special Session I:

• Share good practices and lessons learned for domestic coordination, including identifying and making use of ways for components to work with one another toward asset recovery and more effective international cooperation.

• Develop skills in formulating an investigative plan for an asset recovery case and an over-arching strategy for all investigations.

• Share knowledge with asset recovery practitioners on the effective use of the asset recovery guides produced by the G8 countries and Switzerland, including on:

(1) How to understand what information is publicly available, what can be obtained through non-MLA channels (e.g. FIU-to-FIU or police-to-police cooperation), and what requires an MLA request; (2) How to use the country guides on asset recovery that have been published by the G8 and Switzerland, and (3) How to develop skills aimed at obtaining basic categories of evidence such as bank records, company documents, real property records and brokerage account records, building a financial ‘footprint.’

• Develop skills to plan and draft a formal MLA request in the context of bribery and money laundering investigations.

• Provide a platform for bilateral and multilateral side-meetings between the countries seeking asset recovery and the various G8, Partner and Regional countries.


All Day (Tuesday)

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