JUNE 2019 Call for Papers (CT\CTF Countering terrorism \ countering terrorism financing )

The editorial board of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Journal is delighted to invite scholars to submit their contributions for its third issue. The board welcomes submissions focused on terrorism and terrorism financing. While terrorism is a pejorative term which, in broad sense, describes the use of threat and violence for specific agendas, terrorism financing refers to the exploitation of financial resource to finance unlawful and harmful acts.

Peace and security are the most fundamental rights of human beings, a fact that has been noted in the United Nation charter. The global momentum of terrorism-focused research escalated, therefore, after several reiterating general assembly resolutions and security council resolutions. On 8 September 2006, the UN launched a global strategy to enhance national, regional and international efforts to counter terrorism. Although it is difficult to unify the definition of terrorism, it is widely agreed that terrorism as a phenomenon and its financing are morally, politically and legally charged.

Submitted works might focus on the root causes and triggers of such phenomena, for instance psychological, social, political, and/or religious factors, or on discussions of the variables that promote terrorist activity (such as existing incubation by terrorist groups), or even on modern technological facilitators of terrorism and how they can assist individuals in committing terrorist acts (e.g. the use of GPS or social media) or finance their terrorist activities (e.g. the use of online banking, wire transfers and cryptocurrencies).

The Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Journal invites scholars and professionals from around the world to contribute their intellectual pieces to this issue, in an attempt to explain the concept of terrorism and clarify its real threat, to enlighten the reader on new forms of terrorism financing, to describe how terrorist groups finance their activities, and equip the reader with case examples to enrich their knowledge. The journal also seeks to offer innovative solutions to this phenomenon and assist in recommending novel instruments that may bring the world one step closer to security and peace, while also providing new ways of understanding the connections between the abovementioned phenomena, and corruption.

Scholars and professionals from different disciplines can contribute to this journal issue due to unique nature of terrorism, the scope of which covers a range of fields: psychology, finance, engineering, anthropology, history, law, security, information technology, media, education, politics, military and defense, among others.

The third issue of the Rule of Law and Anti Corruption Journal will adopt this theme within its conceptual framework, alongside experimental research and papers focusing on current and contemporary law issues, and philosophical questions that triggers important legal discussions.

ROLACC Journal is inviting papers for Vol.2, Issue 3, scheduled to be published in June 2019.
Kindly send your initial draft to the Managing Editor, Dr. Reem Al-Ansari at journal@rolacc.qa no later than February 28th.

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