Nominations for 3rd Annual International Anti-Corruption Excellence Award now open

23 June 2018 – Established in 2016, the International Anti-Corruption Excellence Award is designed to showcase creative and outstanding achievements of anti-corruption projects from across the globe and publicly acknowledge these exceptional efforts. Awarded by the Rule Of Law and Anti-Corruption Center (ROLACC), and presented in support of the anti-corruption mandate of UNODC, the initiative promotes the importance of tackling corruption and encourages the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

In line with this, winners include Thelma Aldana (Guatemala), Muhyieddeen Touq (Jordan), and Gherardo Colombo (Italy) – three individuals whose exceptional contributions to anti-corruption efforts were duly recognized for their impact both nationally and abroad. In 2016, Ms. Aldana, as Attorney-General of Guatemala, was awarded the inaugural Lifetime/Outstanding Achievement award for her work towards promoting justice and tackling corruption at the highest levels. Last year, this recognition was bestowed jointly on two people. As a former Minister in Jordan and an anti-corruption expert, Mr. Touq chaired the ad-hoc committee for the negotiation of the UN Convention against Corruption that led to its ratification. Mr. Colombo, meanwhile, spent over four decades in his country opposing corruption, first as a magistrate and judge in Italy, and later as an educator for young people, teaching respect for the law.

Following from these examples, the awards – now in their third year – honour those who have shown dedication to tackling corruption, and aim to inspire others to replicate similar efforts. Submissions from across the globe to nominate organizations, groups and individuals who demonstrate a commitment towards the prevention and control of corruption are now open across four categories:

The Anti-Corruption Academic Research and Education Award, looking at academic research in the area of anti-corruption;
The Anti-Corruption Youth Creativity and Engagement Award, focussing on projects designed and led by young people and, where applicable, supported by civil society organizations;
The Anti-Corruption Innovation Award, intending to offer recognition and appreciation to innovative approaches and prominent contributions to the prevention of and fight against corruption; and
The Anti-Corruption Lifetime/Outstanding Achievement Award, recognizing noteworthy and outstanding contributions made to support the global fight against corruption.
Submissions close 5 September 2018. More details on the award and the nomination process can be found at

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