Digital Tools for Combatting Corruption

The Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center (ROLACC) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) jointly delivered a virtual roundtable event on the topic of ‘Digital Tools for Combatting Corruption – Fostering Capacity Building through Access to Information’. The event took place online and was attended by a number of distinguished panelists and contributors, alongside a distinguished audience of experts, anti-corruption practitioners, and interested individuals.

The topic of this event is most relevant in the current global conditions. Corruption directly or indirectly affects individuals and societies, regardless of the context and stage of development in any country. It can be present throughout different shapes and nuances by intensifying disparities in the most vulnerable people and can cause detrimental effects on different fields, including on the full enjoyment of Human Rights. This is amplified at times of crisis, for instance during the current global pandemic, where access to accurate and reliable information is of particular importance.

Mainstreaming knowledge about this problem pursues the transformation of discriminatory social institutions, laws, cultural norms, and community practices. It has a powerful impact on raising awareness, empowering people, and fostering positive mindsets for transforming lives and moving forward from theory to practice.

Panelists included a selection of winners from the International Anti-Corruption Excellence Award, a yearly award held by ROLACC to celebrate the work of the world’s leading anti-corruption fighters. These winners, the organization SEMA working in Uganda and Accountability Lab, a global NGO working to bring corruption issues into the spotlight through digital channels, presented their work and thoughts on this topic alongside distinguished panelists from the United Nations Human Rights Council, ActionAid International, Transparency International, and the Global Policy Institute GIZ.

This event, part of a series of Virtual Roundtable Events organized and delivered by ROLACC and UNITAR, also included the launch of the Global Anti-Corruption Platform, an online resource center for learning materials related to corruption, accessible to anyone. The resource aims to serve the general public, students, and also anti-corruption practitioners to increase knowledge of key issues related to the fight against corruption.

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