The Third Arab Forum on Asset Recovery (AFAR III) took place from 1st to 3rd November 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. It was hosted by the Government of Switzerland, in association with the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR) of the World Bank and the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime.

It was co-chaired by Tunisia and Egypt.

Two years on since the launch of the Forum, AFAR III examined if the expectations of key stakeholders are being met, and what further needs to happen to enable asset recovery.

As part of this, AFAR III was arranged around themed work streams on:

  • Using innovative asset recovery tools.’
  • ‘Lifting the corporate veil.’

In parallel, the International Center on Asset Recovery (ICAR) and Transparency International organized, in close coordination with AFAR III organizers, a side event to benefit international and local civil society, focused on the role of CSO’s in the asset recovery process.

In addition, AFAR III provided a platform for bilateral and multilateral meetings including case consultations and looked at further practical ways to further enable asset recovery. On the basis of these activities AFAR III set out further actions and goals that should be undertaken to advance asset recovery.

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