Call for Papers Rule of Law and anti-corruption Journal (ROLACC Journal)

On the 29th June 2018, the Rule of law and Anti-Corruption Journal (ROLACC), an open access, double blind peer reviewed journal published by the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Centre (ROLACC) Through HBKU Press, will release its first volume of academic research.

Based in the city of Doha, ROLACC is an institute with a vision that is international in its reach. It was established on the basis of cooperation and building partnerships to contribute to the spread of awareness and knowledge of policies and tools to prevent and combat corruption. In addition to this, ROLACC aims, through the creation of this journal, to display the latest methods, tools and best practices to address issues of corruption.

Therefore, the centre seeks to develop the creation of specialized knowledge in the field of corruption studies, alongside the development of individual and institutional capacities that would lead to the strengthening of the rule of law. This would support individuals and institutions to fight corruption in line with international standards and national needs.

As a result of these considerations, to enable the development of an international platform for the permanent exchange of experiences and expertise, ROLACC is proud to launch the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (ROLACC) Journal.
This Journal seeks to publish original papers, review papers, conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, and case notes. It covers all areas related to the fields of anti-corruption and the Rule of Law, including but not limited to; studies of civil society engagement; resources management; issues related to the justice sector; anti-trust issues; legal system comparisons; sports law; finance law; and cross-border issues. The ROLAC Journal will also publish papers that focus on current law issues, or questions that allow for the evolution of important legal discussions. Furthermore, the ROLAC Journal aims to be the leading global reference platform for physical and digital content related to the study of rule of law, governance and anti- corruption issues.

ROLACC Journal is inviting papers for Vol.1, Issue 1, scheduled to be published on June 29th 2018.
Kindly send your manuscript to the Managing Editor, Dr. Reem Al-Ansari at no later than May 15th 2018.

For more information regarding citation, research structure and number of words, please visit the official website of the Journal


or by phone at + 9744026221 or +9744026214.

Editorial Board of Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Journal